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I am sure you have heard about Expertnaire. It is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

It was established by Toyin Omotoso, one of the best Internet Marketers in Nigeria.

He set up Expertnaire because he realized that Nigerians wanted to make money online via affiliate marketing but they couldn’t.

For example, ClickBank and JVZoo are two of the best international affiliate marketing platforms.

Unfortunately, Nigerians are always giving the back seat for reasons best known to the owners of those platforms.

So, Toyin Omotoso created Expertnaire to be to Nigerians what JVZoo and ClickBank are to affiliate marketers from the U.S. and Canada.

Today, I am one of the beneficiaries of the 72IG Course and I can testify to what Expertnaire can do for people who want to make money online.

Who am I?

Good question! My name is Chukwukadibia Abah. I am a freelance writer. I leverage Upwork and Fiverr to get writing gigs/jobs.

I also work as a ghostwriter for blogs.

I have been educating people about how to make money online, especially as freelance writers.

Here are a couple of my posts on Facebook:


Along the line, I figured out that I will not be a freelance writer forever. I wouldn’t always sit before my laptop and write thousands of words for clients that would pay me.

It was high time I found another online business that I can run by the side. That quest led me to find out more about Expertnaire and I started to study how the platform works.

As an experienced individual in online income, I had no doubt that Expertnaire is the solution I have been looking.

All I had to do was to find people who needed a product badly, introduce one of those products they needed (which is already on Expertnaire) and they will pay for it.

In turn, Expertnaire pays me what is called an Affiliate Commission. This is the commission or sum of money I will be paid for getting someone to buy a product from the platform.

How I Earned ₦32k in My First Week on Promoting a Product on Expertnaire

I signed up as an affiliate on Expertnaire sometime in March, but I didn’t take it seriously because I was much occupied with work.

I am talking about writing. It is hectic, you know?

I write for an average 8 hours a day. So, you can imagine how busy my day is. I couldn’t find some time to implement what I have learned from Expertnaire.

However, I took a bold step in May, 2021. I started the month with decision to take my Expertnaire affiliate marketing business seriously.

Interestingly, that singular decision helped me to make 2 sales in the first week of May, 2021. I made the first sale on May 2 and the second on May 8, 2021.

All I did was to make a short post on my WhatsApp Status and most of my contacts started to reach out to me for more details.

How much did I Make?

The first sale was for a Course on CANADA Relocation. I recommended it to a woman who I had her contact on WhatsApp.

The course costs ₦25,000 and pays a 50% commission, which means that I earned ₦12,500 from the sale.

She had been looking for a way to relocate her family to Canada because the situation in the course was becoming unbearable for her and her family.

She got the course and started implementing. She has kept in touch to let me know the progress she is making.

The second product was a Cryptocurrency Trading Course. I don’t need to tell you that cryptocurrency trading can change your life.

Millionaires have been made from this course and many more will be made because cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) have come to stay.

So, I recommended the Cryptocurrency Course to the other lady and she bought it on May 8, 2021.

The cost for the course is ₦40,000 and it pays a commission of 50%. So, I earned the sum of ₦20,000 from that sale.

Proof of Earnings

You want to be sure I really earned that, don't you?

Here are the 2 screenshots of Expertnaire confirming the sales I made.

And here are the 2 screenshots being alerts I got from my bank when Expertnaire paid me on Friday of that week.

Bottom Line

Expertnaire is one of the best online businesses you can today. As you can see from what I just shared, I didn’t spend a dime.

I just marketed those products via my WhatsApp Status. What’s more? I recommended the product to people who needed them.

For the first sale, the woman wanted to relocate her family to Canada and she needed a trusted guide to do that. I recommended one and she found it valuable – which is why she bought the course.

For the second sale, the lady is based in the United Kingdom. She told me that things are not so easy over there.

Thus, she needed another source of income so she can fund her other businesses, including a clothing line.

She had also brought out the sum of £1,000 (over half a million Naira) to start trading cryptocurrencies after she learned how to do it from the course I recommended to her.

Please, find the screenshot below...

You See…

Expertnaire is one of the best online income businesses you should start now.

I am sure you now see how profitable it will be for you.

So, how do you start?

Now, I have an offer for you.

Would you like to start your Expertnaire affiliate marketing business? If you do, I will do the following for you:

  • => I will provide you with 3 months of Intensive mentorship until you make at least ₦300,000 as an affiliate marketer.

  • => I will write 10 Free Copies for you to use and promote any of the products on Expertnaire and make money.

  • => You will also have access to a Closed WhatsApp Group where I will guide you further on the latest strategies I use to make sales on WhatsApp, Facebook and Email while promoting Expertnaire Courses.

  • => GUESS WHAT? I will teach you how to use Google Trends, Google Keywords Planner and Facebook Search to discover the exact products people want to buy from Expertnaire. You will recommend these products to them and make your money.

How Does it Sound?

Cool, right?

All you have to do is to get the 72IG Implementation Program so you can learn how to succeed as an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire.

You can make as much as ₦3 Million Naira before the end of the year.


If you enjoyed this incredible insight I just shared, you will enjoy this special video that explains how any Nigerian can make as much as ₦3 Million Naira from Expertnaire before the end of the year.

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