How to Protect Your Car from Rough Drivers and Road Collisions this December.

It is that time of the year again. That time of the year when many people travel to their villages to see their loved ones. You and your family are already preparing for the Xmas. I am preparing too.

I am happy for you because you have a car so you wouldn’t be spending so much on transportation. You know how it is this period - drivers tend to double if not TRIPLE the cost of transportation. So, having a car is really a great idea.

But there is one thing many drivers, especially during this yuletide don’t like. It is the fast-paced journey. It seems as if everyone is in a hurry to use the road at the same time.

And before you know it, someone has already hit your car. By the time you get down from your car to check what was wrong, the driver must have zoomed off.

Sometimes, you may be lucky and the driver that hit your car by the side or from the behind is still there.

You would only be disappointed to find out that the driver would be “claiming to be right.” You know quite alright that he was at fault, but he is already going on the defensive, leaving you more confused and terribly angry.

In most cases, the driver may be unable to afford the cost of repairing your car. The burden would then fall on you. Coupled with the expenses you are billed to make this Xmas.

I want to help you reduce that burden. I want to help you stay safe from those drivers that are in the habit or bashing someone’s car and refusing to take a part in the maintenance or repair.

I have a product that can solve all that. And it is even portable. It is called the Anti-Scratch Adhesive Strip.

My friend, Kola has been using this strip on his Lexus since the last 3 months. Ordinarily, Kola is a careless guy. He is the type of driver that opens his door without looking at the side mirror.

I can count up to 3 cases where he ended up losing one of his side mirrors, and when one of his car’s doors was badly damaged by a speeding driver. Thank God he was not hit by the car sef.

Now, this Anti-Scratch Adhesive Strip works by preventing any oncoming car or even a parked car from causing a dent to your car.

Check the video below to see how it works.

You can use this product in different points on your car, especially on the:

  1. DOORS

Those are the most sensitive part of your cars and the replacement parts are very costly.

As I said earlier, I want to help you keep your car neat and nice throughout this Xmas, as well as throughout the New Year. At the same time, your family would be kept safe because as you can see from the video, your car’s doors and side mirrors wouldn’t be colliding with anything.

Does this sound like what you need to boost your car’s protection? Think about the cost of getting an auto mechanic to work on those damages, plus the huge bills you will pay. Why don't you do something now to prevent those damages from even happening, thereby, saving you time and money?

If so, I have an offer for you. Ordinarily, I sell a pack of this product for N18,000 per pack. It has 4 of it inside a pack.

But if you place your order today, in celebration of Christmas and to help keep your car safer, I will allow you to get it for just N12,000.

What’s more?

I will also be willing to sell 2 packs of this Anti-Scratch Adhesive Strip for you for just N20,000.

If you place your order right now, I will call you within the next 12 hours and in 48 hours or less, you will have this product delivered to your doorstep, INSTANTLY!

I have another Father Christmas Offer for you.

If you order for it today, I will offer you a Free Delivery to anywhere you are in Nigeria – even in your VILLAGE.

I don’t have much of this product left because I have been getting calls since the last 50 minutes to deliver the product to Ikeja, Lekki and Amuwo Odofin in Lagos. I have also received orders from Enugu, Asaba and Kano.

Hundreds of car owners that know the worth of this product are calling me as you read this.

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