"How to Start a Freelance Writing Business in Nigeria in 5 Easy Steps"

I must commend you for seeking ways to start monetizing the articles and write-ups you make. I am sure that you are a fantastic writer.

You may have written some posts on your Facebook timeline or even published the same in some of the groups you joined on Facebook.

It is high time you start making money from your writing skills. This is something I and many other writers do on a daily basis and we get paid for it.

Imagine making an average of N5k per day writing for people. In a month, we are looking at N150k or more.

This is one of the online businesses you can start today and grow it into a multi-million Naira business.

I am saying this from a place of authority because I have been writing for 4 years. Writing an average of 6,000 words every day amounting to 6 million words+ so far is not a joke.

And it will interest you to know that I have worked with some of the top brands. Some of them include:

=> Entrepreneur Business Blog owned by Mr. Emenike Emmanuel

=> Info Guide Nigeria

=> Weight Loss Riga (a private surgical clinic in Riga, the capital city of Latvia).

I am a freelance writer on Upwork, an international freelance website where I am hired by clients to write for them and be paid in Dollars.

So, that’s enough about me and what I do. Let us talk about how you can set up your freelance writing business in Nigeria.

Follow the steps below:

#1: Have the Desire

The first thing you need to do is to have a desire to monetize your content. Do you really want to be paid for the articles and posts you make?

You need to convince yourself that you are worthy of being paid for writing for people. Don’t sell yourself less!

#2: What do You have to Offer?

In the first instance, what are you bringing to the table? Why do you think potential clients will look your way or hire you to write for them?

I will tell you why. They would hire you if you know how to write and if you know how to pitch your writing services.

#3: Enroll for Mentorship

When I started writing professionally 4 years ago, I had no mentor or anyone to guide me. And I paid dearly for it because I made a couple of mistakes that I couldn’t have made if I had someone guiding me.

So, try as much as you can to get someone who is experienced in the field of freelance writing to put you through.

#4: Implement and Practice

Now, you have been mentored or you have taken a class on freelance writing. Your success now depends on the actions you take.

Start implementing those things you were taught so you can start seeing the results. The results are that you will attract clients who would be so glad to pay you to write for them.

#5: Scale Your Business

It is now time for you to take your freelance writing business seriously. Scale it by taking it seriously.

Within a couple of years, you will be making a million Naira or more yearly and you would even want to hire more writers to join your team because you will have lots of jobs to handle.

Would you love to be guided every step of the way until you start making money from writing?

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I will teach you everything I have learned and mastered in the last 4 years, including the strategies I use to get foreign clients who pay me in the United States Dollars (USD).

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