"You are Going to Find out All You Will Learn During the Freelance Writing Millionaires Masterclass Edition 4 (FWMM4)"

Congratulations on making it this far.

Without wasting your time, I will now introduce you to this explosive masterclass on how to kick off a successful freelance writing business here in Nigeria and scale it.

What is FWMM4 all About?

Freelance Writing Millionaires Masterclass Edition 4 (FWMM4) is the fourth edition of the online masterclass I run to teach intending freelance writers how they can make money from writing.

I would be showing you everything I learned, the mistakes I made and the successes I recorded from writing in just 4 years.

You will learn all these in 14 days, that is, 2 weeks.

The masterclass would be online and would be hosted via the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform. So, you can join from any part of the world.

With that being said, let me introduce myself.

My name is Chukwukadibia Abah. I started writing professionally sometime around July 2016 while I was still a teacher in a private secondary school. I taught the English Language and Literature.

You know how it is with these private schools? The low pay and all that. At the time, I was paid ₦10k per month for a start. It would later be increased to ₦15 per month sometime around 2018 and to ₦16k per month when I was nominated to be the Dean of Studies for the school.

At the time, I was writing for people and getting paid to my Fidelity Bank Account. However, I didn’t have a laptop of my own.

So, a bulk of the money I made from writing was used to pay for airtime at a cyber café close to the school where I worked.

I spend an average of ₦800 per day to use their Internet and desktop computer to make researches and write for my clients.

Then, on weekends, I would spend up to ₦1,100 because I normally work up to 10 hours on weekends (from 8 am to 7 pm).

It continued this way until I solicited the help of a co-teacher who had a laptop. I would borrow his laptop (when he didn’t have any need for it after work) and use it to write articles at night.

Sometimes, I would work late into the night (I still do) and end up sleeping around 4 am to work up by 6:30 am and start preparing for work.

I later got my first laptop (a UK Used Dell laptop). And in December 2018, I quit my teaching job so I could concentrate on my freelance writing business.

It was a major risk; I kid you not. With less than ₦8K in my bank account, it was a risk. But I took it because I knew that my salary as a teacher wouldn’t take me anywhere.

Currently, I earn six figures, in the region of ₦250k and ₦300k per month writing for people (here in Nigeria alone). I have a huge client-based.

This is like 20 times the amount I was paid as a teacher.

And to think that I scaled it to this point within three years of quitting my job.

I have also carved a niche and a career for myself in this field by taking it to the international scene where I use Upwork (a freelance website) to apply for writing jobs and get paid.

Below are a few of the screenshots from my Upwork account with the figures I earned at different times:

Over $900 Generated as of 2018 in one of My Upwork Accounts

Close to Half a Million Naira Generated on Upwork as a Freelance Writer while the World was on Lockdown because of COVID-19 (May, 2020).

I continue to get more offers from clients on Upwork who are ready to hire me to write for them and be paid.

I have been in this Freelance Writing industry for long so I am in a better position to coach you if you want to start making money from writing for people.

Here are a couple of posts I published on my Facebook Account:

Asides from making money as a Freelance Writer on Upwork, I also make money from the same by writing for my Nigerian Clients.

Below is an invoice I issued to one of my clients here in Nigeria for the month of June, 2021. That's over N50k...

Some notable persons on Facebook have at different points, talked about my writing services and about the previous editions of this Masterclass.

Now, I want to inspire you to become a freelance writer that is paid for whatever you write. I believe that writers should be paid because it is not easy to write.

It is being creative. It is being different. It is being able to come up with ideas that other people could not come up with.

So, you deserve to be paid to write and that is what you will learn in this Freelance Writing Millionaires Masterclass (FWMM4). I added “millionaires” there because you will make a million Naira in a few months.

Just follow the steps and the strategies I will explain in the masterclass.

So, What Will I Learn?

That’s right! Below is the content or topics and the schedule for the masterclass. It would give you an idea of how value-packed this masterclass is:

DAY ONE: Introduction to Freelance Writing

On the first day of the masterclass (remember that this is a 14-day or 2 weeks masterclass); I will teach you the basic concepts of freelance writing.

You will learn about the advantages, the general concept of freelance writing, as well as the important factors to consider before you start the business.

DAY TWO: Setting Yourself Up for Success

On this day, I will teach you all you need to know to become a successful freelance writer.

Here are a couple of screenshots from some of my students who are getting gigs/jobs on Upwork using the same strategies I will teach you.

DAY THREE: Setting Up & Optimizing Your Upwork Account

As I mentioned earlier, Upwork is a freelance website that I leverage/use to find potential clients outside the country.

I have been able to work with clients from Canada and China by using that website.

So, on the third day of the masterclass, I will teach you how you can create and optimize an Upwork account that you will use to offer your writing services to the entire world.

DAY FOUR: Upwork Policies & Pricing

I will teach you about some of the policies set up by Upwork, as well as the pricing plans. This way, you wouldn’t get into trouble when using the site.

DAY FIVE: Fine-Tuning Your Upwork Account

On the fifth day of the masterclass, I will help you fine-tune your new Upwork account so that it will be attractive to look at.

You will also learn how to create a portfolio or samples of your work, as well as what you need to do in order to use the right information to fine-tune your account.

DAY SIX: How to Write Articles

When we get to the sixth day, I will teach you how to write articles. This way, you would be confident to write articles that your clients would be happy to pay you for.

DAY SEVEN: Pitching Yourself on Upwork

On the seventh day of the masterclass, we would go into the main gist; I will teach you the exact processes I use to find and apply for the best writing gigs/jobs on Upwork.

You will also learn how to select the type of clients you want to work with.

For example, I have been so successfully on Upwork that my clients recommend me.

Here is a picture of one of such reviews, directly framed and delivered to me by Upwork.


The eighth day would have us talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is important for every article you write for your clients.

Don’t know anything about SEO? Don’t worry – you will learn the important things you need to know on this day of the masterclass.

DAY NINE: How to Write SEO-Optimized Articles

I will teach you how to apply the concept of SEO in the articles you write. You will learn how to write articles or blog posts that are in accordance with the metrics of SEO.

DAY TEN: How to Write Product Reviews

I will teach you, on this day, how to make a review of products. How you can compare and contrast between Product A and Product B.

You will also learn how to write the reviews of some of the products that are listed on Amazon.com.

This is because most of the product review articles you will get would need you to review products on Amazon.com.

So, I will teach you how to write such product reviews.

DAY ELEVEN: Proofreading Your Work

You don’t just write an article or blog post and send to your clients. No, no, no! You must proofread the articles to be sure they are free of grammar and spelling errors.

That is what I will teach you on the eleventh day of the masterclass – how to proofread your work.

DAY TWELVE: WordPress Publishing

I will now walk you through the process of publishing the articles you write on WordPress. Do you see those articles and blog posts you read? Most of them are published on a WordPress website.

Would you want to know how it is done? Stay tuned for the twelfth day of this masterclass!

DAY THIRTEEN: Client Management

Since 2016 until June this year (2021), I never ran a single advert on either Facebook or Instagram to seek clients.

97% of the works I got were from some of my current clients. So, it is important to have an effective client management strategy so you can retain your existing clients.

I will teach how to do that on the fourteenth day of this masterclass. I will also teach you how to negotiate with the clients to get a better offer/deal.

DAY FOURTEEN: Scaling Your Freelance Writing Business

This should be the last day of the masterclass. I will be teaching on many topics that border on how you can scale or grow your freelance writing business.

Among many other things, I will teach you how to:

=> Use social media to get more clients

=>Get referrals from your existing clients

=>Manage your finances as a freelance writer

=> Use job boards to get more gigs

=>Seek guest posting opportunities on blogs in order to increase your visibility and to attract more potential clients.

So, there you have it

14 days of intense drilling and education to help you become a better writer and make money from your writing skills.

Venue for the Masterclass?

The class would hold on Zoom. You would be given the link to join the masterclass live because everything would be taught LIVE!

When is the Masterclass?

The masterclass kicks off on October 10, 2021 and ends on October 24, 2021 (2 Weeks).

Registration is currently and the slots are getting filled by the day. The registration closes immediately the TIMER below hits ZERO


You missed out!

What do I Need to Participate?

=> You need a smartphone or a PC

=>You also need to pay attention because what I will share in the masterclass is very much valuable.

=>Also, you have to implement all that is taught so you can start getting the results, which is getting more gigs.


I Will Show You the Exact Step to Take to Make Your First $50 on Upwork as a Freelance Writer.

What Would it Cost?

Considering the quality of the masterclass and the time committed, I would be generous to charge ₦50k.

It is a 2 weeks masterclass, c'mon. I should charge more, though.

But I am charging way less than that.

It would only cost you ₦20,000 to join this masterclass

But if you enroll NOW, you would only pay the sum of ₦13,000

Paying ₦13K to gain knowledge that would help you become a better writer and make money from it at the same time.

It’s not a bad deal.

So, go ahead and click on this link now to make an online payment and secure your spot for the masterclass.

Prefer to Make a Bank Deposit or a Mobile Transfer?

If so, pay into the account details below:

Jude Chukwuka Abah


Zenith Bank PLC

NB: After payment, send me a message on WhatsApp number:


Cryptocurrency Payments are Accepted

Want to pay with cryptocurrencies? I also accept payments for the masterclass in cryptocurrencies.

Simply send the sum of $30 worth of your preferred cryptocurrency into the wallet address of any of the cryptocurrencies listed below:

Bitcoin (BTC):

Wallet Address: 0xef458d6643b70faa1e2fc50e46d4a1b6e9b0f56d

Network: BEP20

Tether USD (USDT):

Wallet Address: TGZXmMF1z9yGA31NSWmYDvAXqF1X43UtyW

Network: TRC20

Binance Coin (BNB):

Wallet Address: 0xef458d6643b70faa1e2fc50e46d4a1b6e9b0f56d

Network: BEP20

Binance USD (BUSD):

Wallet Address: bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23

Network: BEP2

After paying, send me a message on my WhatsApp number:


Don’t Have the Full Cash?

Oh, I understand! I have an offer for you. Can you make part-payments for the masterclass?

You can either make the payments twice:

(₦6,500 the first time and another ₦6,500 the second time)

Or you make the payments thrice (₦4,350 first, another ₦4,350 the second time and another ₦4,350 the third time).

Is that okay by you?

If so:

Click here for the option of making the payments twice


Click here to make the payments thrice

Once you make the first deposit, send your full name, email address and telephone number to my WhatsApp number (+234-902-465-0004) so I can save your contact.

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You missed out!

Thanks for joining the masterclass. I can’t wait to teach you and share my knowledge with you.

See You on the Inside!


Chukwukadibia Abah

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