Upwork Gig Sourcing Handbook

Here are the 3 eBooks I SPECIALLY CREATED to help you navigate the Upwork platform as a Freelancer. The eBooks cover the Job Application Process, How to Filter & Get the Best Clients PLUS 50 FREE Job Proposal Templates.

What is the Upwork Gig Sourcing Handbook All About?

Upwork is the leading freelance marketplace in the world. That is the reason why we have many budding and established freelancers porting to the platform because of the amazing features and benefits it offers to freelancers.

In the last couple of months, I have had many of my freelancer-friends complaining of one thing – the inability to get jobs on the platform.

Honestly, they are not the only ones with that issue. I have at different times contemplated quitting the platform and focusing on cold email pitching because of what I call a job draught.

I believe you have faced that challenge in the past or probably facing it now. Nevertheless, you can be confident and joyful now because I have literally cracked the code to that.

You see, getting a job on Upwork doesn’t have to be that hard – even though they are times we don’t get hired even when we write the best proposals.

But there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of being hired.

I created the Upwork Gig Sourcing Handbook to put you through on everything you need to know to successfully bid for jobs and get hired on the Upwork platform.

Sneak Peak into the eBooks

eBook 1: Upwork Gig Sourcing Handbook

This eBook shows you EXACTLY HOW TO OPTIMIZE your Upwork Account. That way, clients would see CLEARLY what you have to offer and have reasons to believe you are worth hiring.

Content 1

You will learn how to fix & optimize your Upwork profile and get it to 100% Completeness.

Content 2

You will learn how to set your availability, which shows your readiness to work.

Content 3

I showed how to optimize your skills on Upwork.

Content 4

I also included a section on how to maximize your Upwork Connects.

eBook 2: Upwork Client Profiling & Gig Bidding Guide

This eBook shows you how to dig deeper into your prospective clients' performance on the platform to see if you are a good fit for each other before sending your job proposal across.

Content 1

You will learn how to use the Upwork Job Feed.

Content 2

You will find out the EXACT METHODS to spy on your prospective clients.

Content 3

You will learn the step-by-step process to Bidding for Jobs on Upwork.

Content 4

I also REVEALED how to know what your prospective clients wants, just by reading the job description.

eBook 3: Upwork Advanced Bidding System

In this eBook, I talked extensively about how you can get more projects on Upwork, without having to depend only on the ones in your Job Feed.

Content 1

You will learn how to filter projects or jobs in your niche right from your Upwork dashboard.

Content 2

You will learn how to use the right keywords to get these "hidden jobs" on Upwork.

Content 3

You will become good at using the Upwork Job Filtration Options to bid for these jobs.

Content 4

You will find out the strategies to avoid scam or low-paying jobs on Upwork.

PLUS: I am Giving you Access to 50 Free Customized Job Proposal Templates you can use to bid for these jobs.

Who am I?

My name is Chukwukadibia Abah.

I am a Professional freelance SEO Content Writer. I use the Upwork freelance marketplace to offer my services to clients who need it.

I work with both business owners and bloggers who are looking to get well-written and SEO-optimized articles to promote their brands, and increase search traffic, respectively.

I created the Upwork Gig Sourcing Handbook (UGSH) to help struggling freelancers out there, who have been unable to get gigs on Upwork and those who have been getting low-paying jobs on Upwork.

The handbook is a breakdown of the different strategies I have tested in the last 5 years of being active on Upwork, and which have helped me make over $5,000 in Pure Earnings on the platform.

Rest assured that you are getting a guide that puts you through from start to finish on bidding for gigs, projects or jobs on the Upwork freelance marketplace.

Chukwukadibia Abah

Freelance SEO Content Writer on Upwork

How Much Does It Cost?

The eBook costs ₦3,000 but you can get it for ₦1,500 for the next 3 Hours.

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